DON PASQUALE / a comic opera / in three acts / the music by Donizetti / as represented at / Her Majesty's theatre / Haymarket / 1850 / the only correct and authorised edition

ed. London, J. Mallett [1850]; 18,3x11; pp. 72 atti 3

teatro Londra, Haymarket, 1850

libr. [Ruffini Giovanni, Donizetti Gaetano] mus. Donizetti Gaetano

pers. 1. Don Pasquale a wealthy bachelor of the old school, saving, credulous, obstinate, but kind-hearted 2. Doctor Malatesta a physician and friend of Don Pasquale, but very intimate with Ernesto; of a facetious and enterprising disposition 3. Ernesto an enthusiastic young man, the accepted lover of Norina 4. Norina a young widow of fiery, hasty and impatient disposition, but withal sincere and affectionate 5. A notary 6. A butler 7. A milliner 8. A hair dresserServants, valets, chamber maids int. Lablache (1), Ferranti (2), Calzolari (3), Sontag (4)

oss. [R.] Iª rappr. Parigi, Italien, 1843. Testo italiano e inglese (in prosa) a fronte.  Iª rappr. inglese (in italiano), Her Majesty's, 29 giugno 1843; in inglese (trad. Thomas H. Reynoldson), Princess's, 23 ottobre 1843 (L; per GROVE Iª rappr. in italiano, 19 giugno). A p. 5 Argument. Nome di Ferranti su striscetta incollata.