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THE VILLAGE OPERA / as is acted at the / theatre Royal / by his majesty's servants / written by Mr. Johnson / [...] / to which is added / the musick to each song

edition LondonJ. Watts1729
format 19,5x12; pp. 8 n.n.+76
acts atti 3


performance Londra, Covent Garden1729
libretto Charles Johnson
composer Denoyer - [Charles?] Fairbank - Richard Leveridge
characters and performers
Sir Nicholas Wiseacre a country gentlemanHarper
Sir William Freeman father to young FreemanGriffin
Freeman (otherwise Colin), a gentleman in the disguise of a gard'ner, in love with BettyWilliams
Lucas an old gard'ner in the family of sir Nicholas WiseacreJohnson
two roguish footmen
Lady WiseacreShireburn
Rosella daughter to sir NicholasRaftor
Betty servant to RosellaThurmond
country lasses
Country lads and lasses for the statute, sheep shearing

[R.] I rappr. ass. Testo con prosa; nomi dei primi esecutori. Sembra una ristampa (coeva) della Iª ed., la quale contiene 53 arie contro le 63 della presente (SON). Di alcune arie è indicato il musicista (Fairbank, Denoyer, Leveridge). Di Denoyer è minuetto (Deluded by her mate's dear voice, III 1); di Fairbank minuetto (Softer than the breath of may, II 4); di Leveridge a. All in the Downs (III 1). Si utilizzano inoltre: a. Diogenes surly and proud (I 1); a. Cloe be wise (I 1); a. The Logan water (I 1); a. Grand Lewis, let thy pride be abated (I 1); a. Such command o'er my fate (I 1); a. Young Philander woo'd me long (I 1); a. Ye commons and peers (I 1); a. The play of love (I 1); a. Sawny was tall (I 1); a. Almanza (I 1); a. Jack's health (I 1); a. Polwart on the green (I 1); Sweet are the charms of her I love (I 1); a. Near the famous town of Reading (I 2); a. When the kine had given (I 2); a. In our country (I 3); a. An old woman lame and blind (I 3); a. The abbot of Canterbury (I 3); a. Pinks and lillies (II 1); a. Christ-Church bells (II 1); a. Young Jemmy was a lad (II 2); a. Young Damon, once the happiest swain (II 2); a. When the bright God of day (II 2); a. Bonny Jean (II 2); a. senza indicazione (Wanton boy, II 2); a. O nymph of race divine (II 2); a. Flocks are sporting (II 2); a. To horse, to Newmarket (II 2); a. 'Twas within a furlong (II 2); a. The sun was sunk beneath (II 2); a. Dear catholik brother (II 3); a. I mun smug up on Tuesday (II 3); a. francese (My father fain wou'd wed me to a country squire II 3); a. He's lord of all the clan (II 3); a. senza indicazione (Hither turn thee, hither turn thee, hither turn thee, gentle maid, II 3); a. Wully an Georgy now beath are gean (II 3); a. Pudding and pies (II 4); a. Margaret's ghost (II 4); a. Muirland Willy (II 4); a. senza indicazione (A faggot, thou, of pointed thorn, II 4); a. See, see, my Seraphina (II 4); a. irlandese (The rock with constant dropping wears, II 4); a. Under the greenwood tree (II 4); a. Near Woodstock town in Oxfordshire (II 4); a. How blest are sheperds (II 4); a. Blithe jockey, young and gay (III 1); a. As Cloris full of harmless (III 1); a. Make ready, fair lady, tonight (III 1); a. The jewel in the tower (III 1); a. del «Free-Masons song» (III 1); a. The rummer (III 1); a. Farewell, my Calista (III 2); a. Hark, the thund'ring cannons (III 2); a. Cavililly man (III 2); a. If I live to grow old (III 2); a. Hark, the cock crow'd (III 2); minuetto francese (Ha! How sweet's the bliss, III 2); a. With tuneful pipe (III 2); «a sheep shearing ballad» (III 2). Alle pp. 3-5 n. n. Table of the songs, a p. 6 n. n. elenco di pubblicazioni degli edd. J. Tomson e Watts (SON segnala un refuso nell'intestazione «OOKS lately published», assente in questo esemplare); a p. 8 n. n. a. aggiunta di Rosella per II 3: If 'tis true, that once amorous Jove (manca nella Iª ed.; v. SON).