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library I-VgcFondo Rolandi RISTAMPE VERDI DON CARLO

DON CARLOS / an Opera, in four Acts / the music by / Verdi / the english version by / Thomas J. Williams / as represented at the / Royal Italian Opera / Covent Garden

edition LondonJ. Miless. a.
format 18x11,9; pp. 83
acts atti 4

copertina; frontespizio 

performance Londra, Royal Italian Operas. a.
libretto [Joseph Méry] - [Camille Du Locle] - Thomas John Williams (traduttore)
composer Giuseppe Verdi
characters and performers
Philipp II King of SpainPetit
Don Carlos "Infant" of SpainNaudin
Rodrigo Marquis of PosaGraziani
Grand Inquisitor aged 90, blindBagagiolo
A friarFallar
Elizabeth of ValoisLucca
The princess EboliFricci
Tebaldo Elizabeth's PageAckermann, mdlle
The Countess of Aremberg 
A royal HeraldRossi
Flemish Deputies, Inquisitors, Gentlemen and Ladies of the courts of France and Spain; Woodcutters, Members of the Populace, Pages, Guards of Henry II and of Philip II, Familiars of yhe Holy Office, Soldiers, Magistrates, Deputies from the various provinces constituting the Spanish Empire eccetera 
orchestra and chorus Saintonfirst violin (principal)
Costacomposer director of the music and conductor

[R.] Ia rappr. Parigi, Opéra, 1867. Testo italiano e inglese a fronte. A p. 2 lista degli orchestrali, alle pp. 4-5 Argument. Gli atti I, II e III sono suddivisi in scene.