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CYMON / a dramatic romance / the music by Mr. Arne / adapted for / theatrical representation / as performed at the / theatre Royal Covent Garden / regulated from the prompt-book / by permission of the manager

edition LondonJohn Bell1795
format 15,4x8,9; pp. 78
acts atti 5+prologo+epilogo
performance Londra, Covent Garden[1795]
libretto [David Garrick] STIEGER
composer [Thomas Augustine?] Arne
characters and performers
1st sheperdessStuart
2nd sheperdessLeserve
Demons of revenge, Mr. Cubitt, ecc., knights, shepherds, ecc. 

Ia rappr. ass. Londra, Drury Lane, 2 gennaio 1767 (STIEGER). Alle pp. 3-4 Prologue for New Year's day spoken by Mr. King, alle pp. 77-78 Epilogue written by George Keate, Esq. spoken by Mrs. Abington. Si utilizzano: a. If pure are the springs of the fountain (I 1); a. What is knowledge, and beauty, and power (I 1); a. Hither all my spirits bend (I 1); a. O! Why will you call me again (I 2); a. You gave me last week a young linnet (I 2); a. Oh liberty, liberty! (I 2); a. Care flies from the lad that is merry (II 1); a. I laugh and I sing (II 1); a. If you make it your plan (II 1); a. All amaze! (II 3); a. Yet awhile, sweet sleep, deceive me (II 3); duetto O, take this nosegay, gentle youth (II 3); a. What exquisite pleasure! (III 1); a. Hence every hope and ev'ry fear! (III 1); a. These flowers, like our hearts, are united in one (III 3); a. O, why should we sorrow, who never knew sin! (III 3); a. When I was young, though now am old (III 3); a. If she whispers the judge, be he ever so wise (III 4); a. Smile, damsel, smile (III 4); a. From duty if the sheperd stray (III 4); a. Sing high derry derry (III 4); a. While mortals charm their cares to sleep (IV 1); a. When peace here was reigning (IV 2); a. Be sure you regard what I say (IV 3); a. Tax my tongue, it is a shame (IV 3); a. This cold flinty heart it is you who have warm'd (IV 4); a. Come on, come on (IV 4); a. Oh Merlin, now befriend him! (IV 4); a. Torn from me, torn from me, which way did they take her? (IV 4); a. Though still of raging winds the sport (V 1); a. Though various deaths surround me (V 1); coro Each heart and each voice (V 1). Vari vv. virgolati. Errata la numerazione delle scene.